by mondegreen




released January 1, 2010

MONDEGREEN: Allan, Fraser, Matthew

Recorded at Chem19 with Jamie Savage



all rights reserved


mondegreen Glasgow, UK

Mondegreen: a rock band from Glasgow est. 2009

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Track Name: Making Cookies
I guess you can't
I guess you won't reveal the source if this discord
Not for my urgency

Well I saw you making cookies at night
In the dead of the night
Giving away, given away,
trade given off
A subjectless picture

Neitzche Creature Beatcha

I feel so little at ease
I know I have a disease
So I pretend that I understand
And I don't make plans for tomorrow

Speak Ariesta physique
Ariesta disease
Siyabonga Deweze ee-easy!


Yesterday I destroyed all my bestest friends!
Track Name: Speaking Clock Lighthouse
Tock tick tock tick
Talk the hands on the face of my clock
Dock on rock, lost in thought, illuminate me
No finer place to be, a lighthouse out at sea for me

Tactics-tac- sat on sand with no head in my hands
Change of tact (sic), make a pact with the keeper
The broken imagery of lighthouses at sea and me

I guided vessels to safety
Approach of ship to awake my light
Hoppy choppy rocks

Tock tick tock tick
Talking hands on the face of my clock
Locked in mockery
Sorry don't bother me
No sucky symmetry, no lighthouse and no sea, no me

I guided vessels to safety
These mariners do distract me from...
Hoppy choppy rocks
Track Name: Yesterday-Minded
Woke up in a shell with a jaggy tum-tum
Head is in a jar and the body walks free
Lost a love of life and all concept of sleep
(Yesterday-minded, not so beguiling)
Used to be a man, just appendages now
(Yesterday-minded, not so beguiling)
Lumbering like a log-limbed sap

Get thee head and get thee off to bed
One objective non-uttered, unsaid
Hurty growy jaggy ragey tum
Spikey spindle puncture all the fun
An invasion of my resting place
Cactus implant insert in my face
Fruity palms, all fur and mouldy qualms
And my art will suffer, and my calm calm calm calm

Get the head
Get the bike shed
And get thee off to bed
Track Name: Ribbit and the Weekend Echo
Catch the paper boat to shore
Splash the soggy hull some more
Echo of a bullfrog heard
Its ribbit makes a walrus dead

Girl, break free, I cannot replace thee
Twirl for me, nature doth provide tree
But steer clear, amphibious in nature
Forwards, dear, alter course from danger
Speak of this, I cannot remain sick
Meek and blissfully aware of bullfrog

Where's the bullfrog?!
Where is the bull-
Where? Is?
Where is the bullfrog?

Catch the paper boat to shore
Splash the soggy hull some more
Echo of a bullfrog heard
Its ribbit makes a rhino dead