Gamelan Migraine

by mondegreen

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released July 28, 2015

alan on bass, fraser on drumkit, matthew on guitar and mic
recorded, mixed and mastered by ross mcgowan at chime studio

artwork for loners weirdos and feminists by audrey:



all rights reserved


mondegreen Glasgow, UK

Mondegreen: a rock band from Glasgow est. 2009

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Track Name: Not Waste Not Want Not
you think you know a guy then you find out
you dont like cats you dont like dogs you dont like birds
some people are deranged i just think you're absurd

turn head turn again
and in heather have a name
into sealife they flow
under wave kindle glow
weakened on the wane
until then i can begin
winter cedes like the snow
sun permit me to grow

seems like bad judgement was dripping like stars in the atmosphere
how can so many guys feel down
find me a page made dead
parked in the deepest darkest web
bug-eyed and beak dont speak fall down
dreamin of the wrong things pullin all the wrong strings
how can so many eyes feel down
paulie i beseach thee dying to defeat me!
calling all animals: remain calm!
Track Name: Casting Error
descend on my set like a damsel fly
heaven forfend somebody should alter or sever your genes
replace is to scene as cast is to copy
i make you the same and your body the same
a constant amidst all the change

right nor wrong, i directed you i made a mess
now confess:
youre lost in the processes
interweaving plots
actors all in strop
rambunctious overfed
stuffin up my scene
sullied and unclean
your body your skeleton

open up deliver your lines
you were on your way
but fake, an empty parking spot
story of my life gangrene
now youve littered the sea
and hacked off at the knee
Track Name: Elephant in the Room
we arrive
someone rubbed the line away
ignore estelle someon took the light away
strap it on the back of my amp like a missile
these instruments we play around with are just for killin me
at the foor of the bed in the back of your head there is an elephant rising
wait for now
we can only write about the things we love
speculate about the rest and just hold it in the back of your head like a missive
try to keeo a lid on it
all the elephants sing: somehow i always deign to pull the leeches off me
we know why in dreams we have the answers down
but can we write them out? i got shanked in a wall-less house
so dont move me to the back of the queue
ive a missile! im gonna keep the lid on it
the elan of a man just still stood freezing in the basin